In 2022, Waste to Wonder, an ethical and sustainable office clearance service that prioritises reuse over traditional recycling, embarked on their journey to net zero with NCZ.

As they progressed through each certification level, this award-winning Social Enterprise achieved the highest NCZ accolade in 2023 – Platinum Certification!

Still striving to continually improve on their original main objectives, NCZ have now established a ‘Better than Carbon Neutral’ service.

This means that not only are their carbon footprint and operational activities managed, but through negating the need to manufacture new materials, specific emissions savings are also made, verified and communicated.

By integrating carbon management into their ethical office clearance services, Waste to Wonder Worldwide have developed a triple bottom line approach, positively boosting environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Read the full white paper below to discover how Waste to Wonder Worldwide is shaping a sustainable future together with NCZ.