Tender Support

With SMEs at the forefront of the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2050 there is a growing emphasis on organisations demonstrating sustainability when tendering for new work.


Certifications such as ISO14001 (Environmental Management) are becoming key requirements for a supplier’s commitment to sustainable business practices, while many tenders now also contain questions that directly address environmental breaches as grounds for mandatory exclusion.

NCZ’s carbon neutral tender support service can help you demonstrate your sustainability credentials when bidding for new work.

As a statement of intent, when bidding for new business, providing a carbon neutral tender submission to your client clearly demonstrates your credibility for delivering a sustainable service. By showing your commitment to balancing the impact of your activities well before being awarded the contract you are providing a taste of what is to come, and a powerful reason to award your business with the contract.

This means that when you submit your tender, everything that has gone into submitting this has been analysed, reported on and balanced, and is therefore, carbon neutral.