Arden Estates, an independent Estate Agency founded in 2010, has grown into an established award-winning business, with 7 offices situated across The Midlands, offering property valuations, sales and home staging services.

Recognising the pressing need to reduce their carbon footprint, this forward-thinking estate agency embarked on their aspiring journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

The task was multi-layered: they wanted to understand where emissions originated from and determine where their costs could be reduced. This also established a targeted approach to decarbonisation to ensure maximum success.

After we were able to identify the problems, we could then provide innovative, sustainable solutions. Together, our efforts were marked by cost savings by switching to renewable energy tariffs and a bonus uptake on customers from the marketing materials that NCZ supplied, as a large percentage of new customers acted positively upon Arden Estate’s new NCZ Silver Certification for carbon neutrality.