Who we are

We are a team of environmental, facilities management and software experts with a passion for ESG and driving business performance and sustainability success. We believe carbon neutrality is the key to better business as well as a better future for our planet.

Our story


neutral carbon zone was born from Ethical Nation, a Carbon Management and Sustainability consultancy formed in 2006 by Alan Stenson, an environmental entrepreneur with a vision for a greener future for businesses.

Ethical Nation was founded out of a desire to promote corporate social responsibility and to help businesses reduce their impact on our planet. Ethical Nation provides a friendly and helpful service that delivers accurate analysis and reporting to companies of all sizes.

neutral carbon zone was founded in 2022 to help businesses deliver a clear plan for carbon neutrality. The platform has been developed to enable efficient data gathering for businesses to identify and report on their carbon footprint- both organisationally and operationally, across scopes 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It also enables supply chain emissions to be reported on to promote collaboration across all workstreams.

Working with Krys Stanton, a leading FM operations expert and Ricky Majer, an experienced software developer, Alan created the neutral carbon zone platform to help businesses improve their environmental and ethical credentials, giving them a competitive edge and many financial benefits.

Our team




Back in 2006, Alan created Ethical Nation Ltd, a carbon management consultancy to provide innovative and pioneering sustainability solutions for companies that care. With a significant focus on establishing market leading assessment and supportive services to the FM industry and a desire to enable clients to truly integrate carbon management into their services, Alan has been able to work with many of the industry’s most progressive organisations.

Creating the World’s first Carbon Neutral Cleaning system, establishing a UK reforestation CSR program, producing Carbon Neutral tender submissions and a sustainable online meetings programme are just some of the market leading innovations that Alan is most proud of.



Krys has been a Senior Leader in Procurement for many years with the last 10 years spent in Facilities Management.  When they met, Krys was blown away by Alan’s passion and knowledge in this most important area of ESG and decided to join forces to take this forward in the FM sector.  Krys’s knowledge of client’s needs in the Facilities Management sector and his desire to drive win/win outcomes for all in the sector further supports Alan’s subject matter knowledge.



Phil is an experienced Sales & Marketing Director with over 30 years’ experience in both high value sales and strategic business improvement across diverse industry sectors. Phil and Alan’s collaboration goes back over a decade and Phil’s soft service expertise was a key factor in developing the industry-leading carbon neutral cleaning system, and specifically in creating an innovative and fully costed solution for the contract cleaning sector. He is a skilled and efficient multi-level relationship builder with highly effective networking capabilities.

Our vision

A better future for the planet means a better future for business.

neutral carbon zone (NCZ) was founded out of a passion to help businesses understand and reduce their impact on the planet. With the importance of climate change greater than ever, organisations must work together in collaboration to create a clear and decisive plan of action to reduce their carbon output.

We have created a platform that enables data gathering, reporting and offsetting of scope 1,2 and 3 GHG emissions. NCZ helps businesses work with their supply chains to report on their emissions, creating a ripple effect of combined reduced emissions. Most importantly, we bring all of these benefits together into one, simple to use platform, as we believe simplicity is the fastest route to adoption.

The specific environmental impact of products and services is now a leading theme in commercial tenders. Work with NCZ to put your business at the forefront of the drive to integrate innovation and sustainability into its services.

Our values


Our values are at the very heart of what we do and who we are. They drive our vision and help us realise our ambition to be the trusted carbon neutrality partner to the FM industry.


We collaborate to understand our partners’ challenges from every angle, exploring innovative solutions based on our expert knowledge.



We are motivated to inspire others through fresh creativity based on continuously learning and understanding the challenges we face as a planet.



At the heart of everything we do, a sustainable approach means we develop and meet the needs of the present without harming the future.



We are a diverse and inclusive business and commit to investing in, working with and developing the very best talent in the industry.



Our reputation is built on trust between our people, partners and customers. We are open, honest, and do what we say we will.


The difference we make


By adopting a technology-led approach to sustainability, NCZ has enormous potential to deliver tangible results for your business.

The NCZ platform enables you to:

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    Demonstrate a progressive approach to sustainability & responsible business practice
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    Differentiate yourselves in the market, giving a competitive edge in key tenders, RFPs and new business opportunities
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    Identify the main areas of materiality within your cleaning operations
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    Identify key areas for improvement both in terms of sustainability and business efficiency
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    Invite other organisations to join the portal to ‘green’ your supply chain
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    Support projects which balance carbon emissions and contribute to international development, in addition to providing environmental, social and economic benefit to the UK. Thus, further aligning key company values that focus on people, planet and community

Tree in a million


Tree in a million is a unique campaign designed to provide genuine benefits to our communities here in the UK.


Be part of a campaign to be proud of.

If you’re looking to do something good for the planet, why not sponsor a tree? Reforestation through protected woodland is a vital tool in the fight against Climate Change.

Whether it’s part of a corporate social responsibility drive, a contributor towards mitigating your company carbon footprint, or as an individual wanting to balance your impact on the world, getting involved in our campaign will help to deliver an additional £1,000,000 of benefit to the UK!