Levelling Up Through Nature: how green space investment can provide UK jobs boost

Restoring the UK’s lost green spaces and creating new woodlands will not only help the environment, according to a new report, it could also create vast numbers of jobs in the nation’s most deprived areas. Levelling Up Through Nature, a study from the Green Alliance and WPI Economics, explores the role of nature-based solutions in […]

Four Reasons FM Businesses Will Play a Key Role in Reaching Net Zero

With the UK committed to reaching net zero by 2050, every sector has a role to play in meeting decarbonisation targets. At NCZ, we recognise that FM’s contribution will be key. In 2019, the Climate Change Committee found that buildings’ operational carbon emissions accounted for 18% of the UK’s total emissions – making FM businesses […]

Becoming a carbon neutral business- the wider benefits

Carbon neutrality is a relatively new concept for businesses and can reap benefits beyond saving the natural environment. At NCZ, we want to share our thoughts on why organisations should look at their sustainability agendas, and how it can bring some major benefits they may not have considered… Why become a carbon neutral business? Here’s […]