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NCZ carbon conscious events

Show your commitment to the environment by hosting a carbon conscious event.

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Our Customer Success Team, alongside the NCZ carbon management platform makes understanding the carbon footprint of any event easy.

With experience ranging from large scale international events to small local office parties, and everything in between, we can help you deliver a carbon conscious or a carbon measured event, with baseline emission reporting that you can work to reduce moving forward.

Whatever your event, it can be carbon conscious

Host a sustainable event

Set up your event on the NCZ carbon management platform, with all the details and venue information.

Then our Customer Success Team will work with you to capture all the associated emissions from all related sources (e.g., F&B, Contractors, and PG&S).

You even get a link to distribute to all attendees to understand their associated travel emissions.

Demonstrate your commitment

Report your event's footprint

After the event, you will get your baseline report detailing the accurate footprint, with options to balance the emissions, if required, along with recommendations to reduce the associated footprint next time.

This is becoming very popular as a demonstration of responsible business and is the standard practice now for all events we’re involved with.

NCZ Silver

Carbon Conscious Event Award


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A show of intent for an event to predict its emissions based against benchmarks.

Answer a simple questionnaire to enable NCZ to predict your events emissions.

Predicts scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions using NCZ data from similar event benchmarks.

Receive the NCZ Silver Award for event carbon awareness.

NCZ Gold

Event Certification


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Accurately measure all venue scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in accordance with GHG Protocol and measure all delegates travel associated with the event.

Receive a detailed ISO 14064 compliant report demonstrating the accurate breakdown of your events emissions.

Receive the NCZ Gold Event Certification demonstrating full measurement of venue and delegate GHG emissions.

NCZ Platinum

Event Certification


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All Gold event activities plus; measurement of supply chain emissions for the event (service providers and purchased goods).

Receive the NCZ Platinum Event Certification demonstrating full measurement of venue, delegate and supply chain GHG emissions

Recent carbon conscious events

NCZ has measured the carbon footprint of small office events, through to international award ceremonies. For example, a COP28 Fringe Event, SPG-Group's Golf Networking Series, various CBRE supplier events and ESG Innovation Challenges, Linakerfest and the 2024 Globe Soccer Awards, in conjunction with the Dubai Sports Council.

Why not make your next event carbon conscious?

Contact us today to get everything set up for your event. We’ll make measuring your carbon footprint easy.