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Sustainability Spotlight February 2024

28 February, 2024

Welcome to our February NCZ Newsletter!


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  • Discover which key industry events are coming up.
  • Learn a sustainability tip you can act on immediately.
  • And find out who is featured in our Team Spotlight this month.


But first, we hope your 2024 has got off to a great start!


The team here has been busy supporting the world’s first carbon neutral soccer awards, in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council and Globe Soccer. Adam Hoult attended the January Globe Soccer Awards, capturing travel data to add to the full emissions footprint, which has now been set as their benchmark to reduce carbon emissions year-on-year.


Adam had a great time seeing behind the scenes at such a prestigious event, but next year will give more thought to his footwear with all the standing!


Back in the UK, no mingling with footballing celebrities, but Alan Stenson and Krys Stanton, have been planting trees for our Tree in a Million project. There’s been fantastic feedback from these sessions at the Forest of Marston Vale and the team have enjoyed being out in nature with some of our clients.


Thanks go to CBRE, Enara Bio, Ark Pest Control and Kindred for supporting this worthy initiative.


We love partnering with like-minded professionals, focused on embedding sustainability into the very fabric of their business. Afterall, it makes commercial and environmental sense, so why wouldn’t you…


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What’s Going on?

IWFM UAE, Dubai – 21st February 2024

Adam Hoult will be attending this event on ‘Closed System HVAC Water Quality: what does the best practice look like for a sustainable building?’


The Worshipful Company of Constructors Tree Planting, London – 22nd February 2024

Krys Stanton and Rianne Scott will be attending to support the Queens Green Canopy Initiative.


British Chamber of Commerce (BBG) Member’s Spotlight, Dubai – 22nd February 2024

Adam Hoult is a regular at these, they’re a great way to network with other British Chamber of Commerce Dubai (BCCD) members and their guests.


59 Club UK Awards, Liverpool – 29th February 2024

Alan Stenson and Krys Stanton will be presenting the first ever Sustainability Award at 59 Club’s Annual Service Awards, widely regarded as the industry ‘Oscars’ amongst the golf & hospitality community.


British Chamber of Commerce (BBG) Speed Networking, Dubai – 6th March 2024

Adam Hoult will be attending with other British Chamber of Commerce Dubai (BCCD) members and their guests.


Dubai 59 Club Awards, Dubai – 7th March 2024

Adam Hoult and Philippa Glover will be presenting the first ever Sustainability Award at 59 Club’s Annual Service Awards in Dubai.


MIPIM – The Global Urban Festival, Cannes, France – 11th March 2024

Rianne Scott will be attending the ‘Housing Matters!’ summit, which will focus on sustainable housing solutions with Co-Liv.


Manchester Cleaning Show 2024, Manchester – 13th March 2024

Alan Stenson will be on the sustainability panel at ‘A Sustainable Future for Effective Cleaning and Hygiene’ conference. Find out more here.


SPG-Group Golf Networking, Redditch – 21st March 2024

Krys Stanton will be hosting this golf themed networking event at Par4 Golf, open to everyone. Book here.


Sustainability Tip

Tea and coffee are the staples of any office, even a work-from-home office, so make sure your brew is an ethical one by choosing fairtrade or organic products.


Avoid using disposable cups and use filtered water over bottled water.


You could even consider gifting your team a branded bottle, flask or mug to keep and refill to avoid waste.


Team Spotlight

Get to know our COO a little better, this month Krys Stanton takes the spotlight…

Q) What’s your claim to fame?

A) After playing golf for 25 years (low single-figure handicapper for most of those), I hadn’t had a hole-in-one, I then had 2 in one month, both with an 8 iron, and also holed 2 pitching wedges in between! Not had another in the following 5 years though 😂

Q) If you had the opportunity to know the future, would you want to know?

A) I’d like to know that my two kids, Lucas and Alexa, were happy and healthy in their adult lives.

Q) What’s your go-to karaoke song?

A) ‘Parklife’ by Blur, because there isn’t much singing, and I’m tone deaf!

Q) What’s your favourite childhood memory?

A) Going on holiday with my parents and all the long walks in nature, over all kinds of terrain.

Q) Tea or Coffee?

A) Definitely coffee! I’ve recently discovered bullet-proof coffee, which I have towards the end of my intermittent fasts to fuel-start my day.


Thank You

If you’ve made it this far, we appreciate you taking the time to read our Newsletter and would love to see you if you’re attending any of the above-mentioned events.

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