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Sustainability Spotlight April 2024

30 April, 2024

Welcome to our April Newsletter!


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  • Discover a sustainability tip you can act on immediately.
  • Find out who is featured in our Team Spotlight this month.


But first, we’ve been reflecting on NCZ’s growth these past twelve months and what an incredible year it’s been. We’re proud to say our client base has tripled in that time and we’ve made significant improvements to simplify the overall client journey. For one client, where time was of the essence, we even managed a one-week turnaround: capturing all their emissions data and delivering their full carbon footprint report in just 7 days!


Our clients really mean everything to us, and we’d like to acknowledge those who’ve recently committed to starting their sustainability journey…


So, if you’re curious about your carbon footprint, and want to join the growing number of businesses taking responsibility… get in touch now. We appreciate knowing where to begin may seem daunting, which is why our friendly Customer Success Team are here to hold your hand.


Embedding sustainability into the very fabric of your business makes commercial and environmental sense, and there’s no better time than the present!


Special Offers

Quote NEWSLETTER before the end of May to get a FREE upgrade from Silver NCZ Certification to Gold NCZ Certification! This applies to those starting their journey, as well as existing clients renewing their certification.

As a Startup Partner with Trade License Zone, we’re also offering discounts to all TLZ customers, just ask.


What’s Going on?

BCCD Green: Leading ESG Excellence, Sustainability and Networking – 23rd April 2024

Adam Hoult will be attending this event at the Dubai Trade Centre, let him know if you’re going.


SPG-Group Golf Networking, St Pierre Country Club, South Wales – 25th April 2024

Krys Stanton is hosting this carbon managed Golf Networking Series, teeing off in Chepstow. Welcome to all senior professionals in the Built Environment, book your place here…


Member Spotlight Networking delivered by FedEx Express – 25th April 2024

Adam Hoult will be attending this networking event at the Grand Millenium Business Bay, let him know if you’re going.


CBRE’s ESG Innovation Challenge, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 29th April 2024

We’re delighted to be working with CBRE MENA and their clients to manage the carbon footprint of this event. These Challenges are a great opportunity to explore innovative ideas, new ways of working and best in class solutions to empower businesses for future success.


The Workplace Event, NEC Birmingham – 1st May 2024

Alan Stenson will be attending and presenting with Michael Amos from Waste to Wonder in the Social Enterprise Village at 13.30. They will be exploring how businesses can leverage their purchasing power to support social enterprises that are actively engaged in environmental sustainability and climate action. Find out more here…


The Health and Safety Event, NEC Birmingham – 2nd May 2024

Alan will be joining the HSE Recruitment Network at midday, for a thought-provoking panel discussion on… “Greenwashing: Unveiling the True Commitment to Sustainability.” Find out more here…


The IWFM Charity Ball, Manchester – 4th July 2024

NCZ are honoured to be the sustainability partner for this event, working closely with IWFM and all attendees, to make sure this a carbon managed event. Let us know if you’re attending, or would like to…


Sustainability Tip

Have you ever considered conducting a basic energy audit to identify areas of waste and inefficiency?

Doing so, will enable you to implement simple, cost-effective measures that can lead to significant energy saving…

These can be as straightforward as switching to LED lighting, using programmable thermostats, and encouraging employees to power down electronics when not in use.

So, what are you waiting for?


Team Spotlight

This month our spotlight is on Pip from our Customer Success Team… get to know her a little better!

Q) What’s your claim to fame?

A) For various things, I’ve been in newspapers, magazine and on TV in Dubai, my uncle was an All Black, my aunty was a Black Stick… I even won a colouring competition once when I was 6 😂 But I think my biggest claim to fame is being married to one of only 50 men in world who has completed a Hells 500 Tripple Everest Challenge.

Q) If you had the opportunity to know the future, would you want to know?

A) Definitely would like to know – I like to plan!

Q) What’s your go-to karaoke song?

A) Don’t have one, will never sing in public no matter how many drinks I have (I won’t even sing “Happy Birthday” at parties)

Q) What’s your favourite childhood memory?

A) My dad died when I was really young, so my favourite memory is with him when I was about 5.  Some nights after Mum had gone to bed already, I would sneak out of bed and would sit on my Dad’s lap and eat peanuts with him while he watched Blackadder.  Mum never knew for years!

Q) Tea or coffee?

A) Coffee, always coffee!  Tea is weird.


Thank You 

If you’ve made it this far, we appreciate you taking the time to read our Newsletter and would love to see you if you’re attending any of the above-mentioned events.

For further information, or if you have a question around best practice in sustainability, please get in touch…

By working together, we really can make a difference for our planet; and better for the planet, really is better for business.