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Sustainability Spotlight January 2024

30 January, 2024

Welcome to our first NCZ Newsletter!


Within these…


  • You’ll find out about key industry events.
  • You’ll discover sustainability tips you can act on immediately.
  • And you’ll get to know our team on a more personal level… for example, who do you think started their career as a film star?


But first, we hope you’re having a great start to 2024!


It may only be the second week, but lots of exciting things are happening already here.


We’ve partnered with the Dubai Sports Council to deliver the world’s first Carbon Neutral Soccer Awards next week! So, we’re busy establishing their baseline carbon footprint, that’ll form the benchmark to reduce their emissions year-on-year.


We’re also helping lots of businesses start their journey to net zero. Therefore, a huge welcome goes to everyone who joined us in the last quarter of 2023.


Net zero really is a collective effort, and it’s great to see so many businesses stepping up and taking responsibility to reduce their carbon emissions.


Yes, starting that journey can seem daunting, but our friendly team are here to guide your business, set realistic goals, and then help you achieve them.


Embedding sustainability into the very heart of your business makes commercial and environmental sense!


Special Offers

Quote NEWSLETTER and start your net zero journey before the end of January 2024, and you’ll get a free carbon neutral event, tender OR meeting as part of your package!


As a Startup Partner with Trade License Zone, we’re also offering discounts to all TLZ customers, just ask.


What’s Going On?

Globe Soccer Awards, Atlantis Dubai – 19 January 2024

Adam Hoult will be attending to help deliver the world’s first Carbon Neutral Soccer Awards, as part of their 5-year plan with NCZ to achieve net zero.


ESG Benchmarking Workshop, London – 31 January 2024

Alan Stenson will be attending CSSA’s groundbreaking workshop. Discover key insights into sustainability, diversity and responsible business practices that are shaping the future of the cleaning industry.


Tree in a Million Planting Events at our UK reforestation site – February 2024

Our team will be hosting Tree in a Million planting events throughout February with some of our wonderful clients, including Kindred, Ark Pest Control, CBRE and Enara Bio Limited. Stay tuned for updates.


59 Club UK Awards – 29 February 2024

Alan Stenson and Krys Stanton will be presenting the first ever Sustainability Award at 59 Club’s Annual Service Awards.


Sustainability Tip – Lights-Off Lunch Hour

Why not implement a ‘Lights-Off Lunch Hour’, where non-essential lights and electronic devices are turned off during a set period?


This small act can significantly lower your company’s energy consumption, showcasing its commitment to sustainability, while not only benefiting the bottom line, but also encouraging staff to take a break from screens, boosting productivity and well-being!


Team Spotlight

Get to know our CEO a little better, Alan Stenson’s in the hot seat this month….

Q) What’s your claim to fame Alan?

A) I’m a classically trained actor and played the role of Telemachus in the NBC film ‘The Odyssey’ in 1997.

Q) If you had the opportunity to know the future, would you want to know?

A) That’s a tough one! I think we shape our own future, so on that basis I’d rather not be told…but if it was the next set of lottery numbers, now that’s a different story!

Q) What’s your go-to karaoke song?

A) Ha ha! ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ by George Michael 😉

Q) What’s your favourite childhood memory?

A) Growing up in Vancouver, Canada and seeing a black bear scratching its back on a tree whilst walking in the mountains. I feel the need to confirm that I had adults with me at the time!

Q) Tea or Coffee?

A) Definitely coffee!


Thank You

We hope you’ve found our first Newsletter interesting, and if you plan on attending any of the events mentioned above, our team would love to say hello.

By working together, we really can make a difference for our planet; and better for the planet, is better for business.

For any further information, get in touch…

Or explore our latest blog all around how to embed sustainability into the fabric of your business.

Thank you and all the best for 2024!