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NCZ award and certification programme

As the carbon management specialists, we make understanding your full carbon footprint easy, helping you benchmark your emissions and then demonstrate your sustainability achievements.

Improve your environmental impact

Get NCZ certified: simple independent verification

Sustainability has never been more important and there is an ever-increasing expectation for businesses to understand and manage their environmental impact.

But knowing where to start isn’t easy, which is where NCZ comes in, as the carbon measurement specialists.

Carbon management specialists

Clear milestones to guide your journey


Our Customer Success Team will work with you to accurately measure your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions using our user-friendly carbon management platform.


This platform captures all your data and allows us to calculate your baseline carbon footprint (on an organisational, operational, and supply-chain level).


Based on this, you’ll get a report detailing all your emissions, with targeted reduction measures that you can implement immediately and assess your progress year-on-year.


As you progress, you will receive certificates and media packs to demonstrate your achievements and share your commitment.

Straightforward journey

Moving up through the levels, provides you with a straightforward journey to embed sustainability into the very fabric of your business.

Independent verification

Each step offers you independent verification that internationally recognised calculations and reporting standards have been met, and industry best practice processes have been followed.

Certification and recognition

We also understand how important it is to market your sustainability commitment and achievements on your journey, therefore, you’ll also receive certificates and media packs at each stage, alongside your verified report.

The NCZ certification journey

To be an NCZ Blue awarded company, you will be:
  • Signed up to the NCZ certification platform.
  • Learning how to appropriately capture your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Logging carbon producing activities in an appropriate manner.
To be an NCZ Silver awarded company, you will have:
  • Answered the company questionnaire to enable NCZ to benchmark your company emissions.
  • Predicted organisational scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions using the NCZ benchmark framework.
To be an NCZ Gold certified company, you will have met Silver award criteria plus:
  • Measured, quantified, and reported on all company scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG emissions to ISO 14064 compliance.
  • Set a baseline for all organisational & operational emissions for a targeted carbon reduction approach.
To be an NCZ Platinum certified company, you will have met Gold certification criteria plus:
  • Established a supply-chain compliance programme.
  • Agreed carbon reduction targets.
  • Be achieving year on year reductions in emissions and supplier engagement.
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Setting the standard on carbon management

Certification pricing and benefits

Explore the annual prices for each certification level below and what’s included. You can choose to pay upfront annually or spread the cost monthly, both options are shown.

Silver Award


Get started

Answer the NCZ carbon questionnaire.

Receive a scope 1, 2, & 3 questionnaire-based carbon footprint report.

Gold Certification


Get started

Measure all company emissions through the NCZ data collection portal.

Weekly assistance from the NCZ customer success team to ensure accuracy and quality of data collection.

Receive a detailed ISO 14064 compliant NCZ carbon footprint report demonstrating full emissions breakdown.

Gain access to NCZ preferred supplier directory to find carbon aware suppliers to assist your decarbonisation journey.

Platinum Certification


Get started

Receive all benefits from Gold Certification level.

Access the supplier carbon collection assessment tool to begin accurately collecting your supply chain emissions.

Receive the NCZ supplier emissions breakdown report.

Measure a minimum 10% of supplier emissions and increase engagement year on year.

Achieve reductions in emissions year on year based on intensity metrics.

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